About Us

At Taos Roasters, brewing fine coffee is a way of life. Since 1996, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you with the highest-quality coffee in the world, fresh-roasted to perfection in the mountain environs of Taos, New Mexico.

A branch holds several red coffee cherries
Climate and soil conditions affect the final flavor of the roasted coffee beans.

We buy only the most flavorful, organic Arabica beans from the world’s premier coffee-growing regions—from Ethiopia to Indonesia to Brazil and beyond. We patronize organic growers to support local economies and ensure a living wage for the small producers. All of our coffee is shade-grown, the most environmentally sound method of production, and carefully selected to bring you an exceptional level of artisanal quality.

Coffee beans fresh from the nearby skin lay in a man's hand beside an unoped cherryWe also take special pride in our state-of-the-art roasting process. Taos’ high-altitude setting, with its lower barometric pressure and lower boiling point, reduces the risk of scorching and preserves all of the beans’ subtleties and complexities, maximizing the flavor and aroma. And unlike many of the large-scale coffee purveyors, we roast in small batches and maintain a roast-to-order policy rather than a roast-to-inventory one, which guarantees that our coffee is always fresh-roasted and full-flavored.

Coffee arrives, is roasted when ordered and tested to assure the perfect roast